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Edwin Hernandez

Welcome to my Art Blog

Wk/Idea #15 – Remix is the Art of Your Time!

On the internet, you constantly run into the issue of censorship. There are plenty of rules that restrict you from creating work. For example, people who have careers on platforms like YouTube largely fear “copyright strikes”. Youtubers are allowed a certain amount of “strikes”, and after they run out of these allowed strikes, they face…

Wk 14 – Artist Conversation #5 – Micol Hebron

Artist: Micol HebronInstagram: @Unicornkiller1 Due to the Corona Virus outbreak, we, unfortunately, were not allowed to visit an art exhibition, but rather met an artist during one of our zoom meetings called Micol Hebron. She is an artist located in Southern California. When I first logged onto the meeting, I noticed how positive and outspoken…

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